dr j encourages all to G.R.O.W - Get Rid of worry - Great Release of wealth - God releasing our wealth - God reviving our wisdom

about dr j

Dr J has been a Pastor for over 17 years, he is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Excel Life Global. Since 2013 and at present Dr J has been Mentored and Covered by Bishop John Francis, he is the Founder and Senior Pastor of
Ruach City Church ruachcitychurch.orgjohnfrancis.org.uk

Dr J is an Anointed dynamic and passionate minister, teacher and preacher who has had a colourful journey in life. As a boy and young man growing up as a strict muslim, Dr J pursued the entertainment industry and was in various films, adverts, music videos and also formed a boy band that was nearly signed to a major record label.

Dr J has encountered angels, overcome abuse, depression, trauma and died three times, leading to one occasion where he was pronounced dead in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning, but was miraculously brought back to life by Almighty God on an assignment to empower many to live a purpose driven life.

Dr J is passionate about ALL excelling in Life and as he frequently quotes to G.R.O.W (Get Rid Of Worry, God Releasing Our Wealth, Great Release Of Wealth, God Reviving Our Wisdom). And challenges many to just Habakkuk two, two it and L.I.V.E (Live In Full Excellence).

Dr J is a Worshipper, Father, Philanthropist, Author, Life Advisor, Coach, Senior Pastor, Entrepreneur and amongst wearing many hats he is a global speaker and is regularly invited to share his message of hope, transformation, recovering from failure and shame, healing and leadership.

Many have been blessed by the life, generosity, wisdom, ministry, songs and books of Dr J and the Powerful Anointing of God on his life, and he is humbled to be used to minister in the gift of miracles, the prophetic and healing to the glory of God, witnessing many healed from cancer, arthritis and more.

His transparency and using his personal life experiences, successes, mistakes and failures has led to him being admired and revered internationally. Dr J has ordained over 30 people including Pastors into ministry as ordained ministers of the Gospel. He is a sought-after Speaker, Preacher, Teacher, Life & Spiritual Advisor/Coach, Evangelist and Leadership Speaker globally.

Dr J’s televangelist ministry as seen on Sky Faith & Revelation TV channels has taken him across international borders to Minister the Gospel, impacting millions of people’s lives all over the world.

Dr J baptised Femi Oguns MBE, the founder and head of one of the UK’s leading drama schools and talent agency responsible for the success of international actors including John Boyega, Damson Idris, Malachi Kirby, Letitia Wright and many more. As Dr J diligently planted a seed, prayed and ministered in the life of Femi, he called upon him to be a part of an outreach ministry called www.theluxuryofjesus.com to artistes and high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry, Dr J and Femi witness answered prayer, success and breakthrough in Femi’s life and vision. Dr J still has a heart and passion for those in the entertainment world and understands their artistry and struggles.

Dr J continues to serve and adding value to many and is also known for being a Marketplace & Socialite Pastor working with high-profile individuals, celebrities, actors, musicians, ex offenders, addicts and everyday people.
He frequently teaches at www.theexceluniversity.org a Theological and Leadership academy.

Dr J has also developed Leadership programmes to Empower and inspire ALL.
These include Leadershipology 101, The Vicissitudes of Leadership, Leading and Bleeding and more…

Dr J is forever grateful for his supportive and praying father and mother whom he loves, honours and admires unapologetically.

Listen - Be Encouraged